Fibonacci Price Targets for Retracement and Extension

It takes very little time or experience in studying the Elliott Wave Theory in order to recognize that Fibonacci ratios are clearly relevant in predicting locations where prices can be expected to pivot, and in quickly confirming that a pivot is a genuine turning point as opposed to a simple "headfake" by the market. In the sections below we will identify the expected Fibonacci levels where the various waves are more likely to pivot.

We've grouped all of the Fibonacci targets from the various specific web pages for ease of use.

Motive Waves. 

Motive Wave extensions refer to waves that are moving in the same direction (normally with the trend).

Wave 1

Wave 3

Wave 5

Corrective Wave Structures

Retracements deal with movements that are in a counter-direction, or opposite of the wave being compared.



Expanded Flats

Triangles - Contracting

Triangle - Barrier

Triangle - Running

Triangle - Expanding

Also known as an expanding wedge

Complex Corrections

Correcting Extended 5th Waves