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BATA4U is a free stock traders website being created as a continuing project to help provide information to new and experienced stock traders on trading in general and the use Technical Analysis in their trading.
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What you need to know
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Just getting started trading stocks and looking to conquer to stock market, make vast profits, and rule the world in your spare time?? Are you looking for the world's greatest technical indicator? If so, you should start here with the information we wish someone had told us when we first began trading.

Technical Analysis

In this section, we cover some of the basic principles behind TA and some advanced topics as well. We also share with you many indicators and formulas written for various charting platforms like TC2000® (Telechart®), Esignal®, Tradestation®, and Motivewave®.

Elliott Wave Analysis

In this section we provide an Elliott Wave analysis for several of the currently popular stocks and indices.

Who We Are

Traders just like you

are providing the information to generate this website. Most of the content of this website has been generated over the course of the last 20 years and encompasses education from some of the masters, such as David "Firstwave" Elliott, Jeffrey Kennedy, Ramki Ramakrishnan, Stephen Bigalow, Hubert Senters, and a whole host of other sources.

What You can Hope To Accomplish Here

Knowledge is a powerful weapon

  • Educate yourself on the practical aspects of stock trading
  • Learn to avoid the common mistakes in trading
  • Teach yourself the discipline necessary to become a successful trader
  • Become familiar with technical analysis and learn some unconvential uses for it
  • Gain the confidence you need to be a profitable trader
  • Learn about reliable sources to build upon your knowledge and continue on your journey

Meet the Enemy

Enemy Computer

Past stock market wisdom insinuated that you, as a trader, were engaged in contest with many other people. They were similar to you. In the end some would win and some would lose, but the whole concept of trading stocks worked on the presumption that you were egaged in a fair contest putting your skills to the test against other people. That presumption is wrong. The enemy is above. The enemy is operated by financial institutions and programmed by legions of very smart people working with the sole intent of relieving you of your weath just as fast as the government will allow it.