What this site is about:

The BATA4u website is being created as a continuing project to help provide information on the use of Technical Analysis in the stock market. We hope the site will be helpful to anyone who is starting to learn about Technical Analysis, or needs a refresher course, as we strive to offer practical TA information for the non-professional trader looking for an edge in the stock market today.

BATA4u is intended to be a collaborative project. We are trying to share the lessons we have learned in years of  research and trading with TA.  As the site develops, we hope to be able to offer our visitors the ability to discuss TA of stocks and upload charts as well as other content to the site.

BATA4u is strictly for educational purposes.  Nothing herein should ever be considered as a recommendation to buy or sell any security.

Interested in becoming a part of Bata4u or helping to develop this website?  Contact webmaster@bata4u.com.  Bata4u is a non-profit site.  We generate no revenue, sell no e-mail addresses, and collect no information (aside from browser information) from our visitors.


  • While we are still in development, this site is not supposed to be accessible by search engines. If you would like to return here, you should bookmark the page.  Please pardon our construction.   These things never go as quickly as hoped.

  • We strongly believe that constructive criticism, debate, and attention to detail is essential to the educational process. If you feel something on this site is in error, you have a better way to doing it, or have any questions, please let us know. That is what education is all about.


Charts and data presented on this website are presented courtesy of one or more of the following:

Certain TA principles discussed in this website may be copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise the intellectual property of others. Where the origin of such information is known, proper credit is noted in our credits page. Should you happen to see a location where that is not done, please call it to our attention so we may correct any error. You may do so by email to: webmaster@bata4u.com